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By: In: WarehouseOS On: Jun 01, 2017

Key Performance Indicators for Thin Margin Warehouses

How many of your orders are mis-packed, mis-shipped, or even unavailable to ship? This can cause a loss of revenue and vital data. Warehouse operations do not control sales, but they do control distribution, which is where maximum profit can be captured (or lost). Warehouse businesses always operate on thin margins, so fine-tuning operational efficiency…

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By: In: WarehouseOS On: May 23, 2017

Increased Accuracy and Fulfillment Rates Reduces Training Time and Speed of Products to Customers

Read the article in Manufacturing Tomorrow on how WarehouseOS was integrated in an advanced 3PL environment. May 16, 2017, Excerpted from Manufacturing Tomorrow “Measuring the number of perfect picks, volume of picks, savings by replacing traditional RF guns are data points that allow 3PLs (third party logistics) to quantify both a rapid ROI (return on…

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By: In: WarehouseOS On: May 19, 2017

e-Commerce “Fast Shipping” Getting Faster

Better and faster delivery of e-commerce orders is expected by consumers. And these shoppers don’t want to pay more for the rapid delivery. This will show up as the picking, packing, and shipping operations of e-commerce vendors are technologically preparing for the 2017 holiday season. Business Seasonality U.S. e-commerce sales growth continues to outpace stores….

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By: In: WarehouseOS On: May 12, 2017

Lowest Unemployment Rate in a Decade Impacting Cost of E-commerce Warehouse Labor

Jennifer Smith reported in the Wall Street Journal that retailers and logistics companies have been opening warehouses at a record pace to ensure online orders reach customers as quickly as possible and are struggling to find workers to staff them.  Small or large e-commerce success relies on “pickers” to grab items off warehouse shelves and…

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