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Automate your e-commerce operation by connecting your shopping cart and shipping solution to an Inventory Management App that will manage all your warehouse operations.

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Desktop Warehouse Management Software - IOS IPad App for floor operations

Monthly Subscription per user - affordable to any business size.

Apparel Inventory control

  • Focus on designing and supplying  – Get products to your customers faster with accuracy.
  • Take control of your fulfillment – Make informed Purchase decisions with  Real-time metrics of your Inventory.
  • Manage your entire facility with WarehouseOS® – Get control over every detail of your operation.

Online apparel stores can grow faster than old technology can handle. We’ve seen it happen, and we’ve solved the problem. If sales are straining your labor and systems, call us to learn how a fully integrated, purpose-built inventory control system can restore order (and lower costs) so you can continue to grow.

Can I self-fulfill?

Absolutely, you can. Our app-driven system is learned by new users in 10 minutes. And while it is used by large 3PL’s to fulfill over 100,000 picks per day and manage millions of orders per year, it was built for the self-fulfiller with a monthly subscription per user that makes it affordable to any business Size.

With WarehouseOS®, you get control and live visibility of your inventory and operations. Instantly know where a product is located, inventory levels, accuracy on picking and packing, employee performance metrics, and much more. More importantly, get control of your business so that it doesn’t control your life.

The flow of products can be relentless: from the time they are received, through put-away, picking, replenishment and packing. But managing the flow isn’t difficult with the right tool.

Simplified Warehouse Management

  • Train Seasonal and Temporary Employees – Get through the rush, without making errors.
  • Accurate orders mean happy customers – Bluetooth scanners verify location and item accuracy in real time.
  • Minimal training for effective workforce – Native IOS app allows faster training and eliminates errors.

During Holidays or Seasonal sales, hiring Seasonal employees could cost you days in training. Worse, errors caused by employees with little experience can affect the business for months or years due to bad reviews or ratings.

Warehouse Mobile Solutions®  contains 11 separate apps that you can download for free. We simplified the way you see information in each app and made it available through a monthly per-user subscription

The apps are managed by a desktop Cloud-based software that gives you and your team as many free user seats as you need to access your warehouse from anywhere anytime you need it. By simplifying the apps employees can be trained faster. Each app will guide them through the process, showing pictures, location, and maps of the product location, certifying accuracy through the Bluetooth scanner.

What is different about WOS®

  • Monthly Subscription per User  –  Affordable to any business Size.
  • The Clean and Simple App Design – The Only WMS Native IOS iPad App.  Big pictures of products on the iPad screen.
  • Grow as you go – The system can run a one-person operation up to a full 3PL with hundreds of workers and fulfill over 100,000 picks per day for multiple companies.

1 – Monthly user subscription  – The most affordable price in the market for a full WMS (Warehouse Management System) and inventory Management solution that can automate your whole operation and integrate with any open API.

2 – Full access to all apps with one monthly price – implement the apps as you grow without raising your cost. You only pay more for extra users.

3 – Bluetooth scanner accuracy – keep track of inventory Location, quantity, and accuracy,  removing the need to enter data manually eliminating errors and keeping real-time track of inventory levels.

4 – App cart graphic – Find Box Location on cart faster by visual representation on iPad screen. This is Patented technology that will save you time.

5 – Integration team and support team – We do the integration with your shopping cart and other solutions, providing personalized customer support including on-location if needed.

6 – Highly Reliable Experience – WarehouseOS® is managing large DC’s and 3pls down to hundreds of medium and small operations. We are affiliated with Hoj Engineering, a family owned business with more than 50 years experience doing warehouse design and build projects, warehouse management, and material handling equipment.

Please contact us for a free demo to see why WarehouseOS® is Faster By Design™

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Integration flexibility with any open API

We recognize that every business is a little different. Instead of requiring a standard solution, we have invested in an integration platform that allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start as with a standard, pre-built integration and then customize it to each unique need. This gives us the freedom of a custom solution without the cost of custom development.

Faster by Design

Watch this short video showing how another high growth apparel company has transformed their fulfillment operation with warehouseos®.



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