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By: In: On: Oct 17, 2014


RECEIVING creates a method to receive products from either a Bill of Lading “BOL”, or from a Purchase Order “PO”. Simply enter the BOL number then all of the PO’s associated with that BOL will be displayed and ready to process. Enter a PO number and all of the items for that PO will be displayed and ready to be received into the warehouse.

To begin receiving items simply scan the location or cart that the items are being received into. Next touch the “Receive” button for the item to be received and a popup box/keypad appears. Enter the quantity of item(s) being received. As each item is received it drops to the lower section of the screen and is placed in a pending state. Once the “Commit” button is touched, the item is now ready to be put away into the warehouse using our new “Put-Away” App. RECEIVING has never been this simple and accurate…