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Warehouse Mobile Solutions

US E-Commerce Shoppers Step Up International Buying Habits

Shoes directly from Japan? Pottery directly from a merchant in China? Sure, say a growing number of U.S. shoppers, who are quickly learning the ins and outs of buying overseas versus buying from a domestic online retailer. According to the recently published UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Survey, Nearly half of avid US online shoppers bought…

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Robust Tablet Inventory Control Tailored to Warehouse Environment via Tablet

Warehouses and e-commerce distribution tablets are replacing unfriendly and non-ergonomic RF Gun handheld barcode scanners. Ultimately the tablet is a more efficient way for workers to capture the data that matters most, quickly and accurately. Whether on the manufacturing production line or in the aisles of warehouses the very nature of scanning has changed dynamically…

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Near Full Employment and Thin Margins Makes E-commerce Warehouse Efficiency Absolutely Essential

The rapid transformation of the logistic industry is driven by some basic principles starting with the customer is always right. In 2017 and beyond the most successful e-commerce companies will provide a seamless connection between the customers’ ordering and receipt of their order. The rapid transformation and the future of logistics technology for e-commerce rests…

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Reasons to be Prepared for the Holidays Almost 15 Percent Year-Over-Year

E- Commerce Sales Means 2017 Biggest Sales Ever The U.S. Census Bureau released its latest report, showing retail e-commerce sales reached an estimated $105.7 billion in Q1 2017, a 4.1 percent increase over the previous quarter and 14.7 percent year-over-year increase compared to Q1 2016. The Census Bureau said the $105.7 billion estimate is adjusted for…

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3PLs Play Increasing Importance as the Time to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season is NOW

Leading providers of outsourced fulfillment solutions are opening new warehouse as fast as possible in 2017. Many of these new fulfillment centers are strategically located to enable next-day shipping to e-commerce customers across the United States. At capacity, these facilities it will be powered by a staff of approximately hundreds of full-time employees working alongside…

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WarehouseOS® Announces the Inevitable Demise of RF Gun

The single most important change in warehouses over the past two years:  Tablets. Some RFID guns are becoming less expensive and less bulky as vendors try and compete with the tablet mobile solutions market. Too little, too late. Standalone or networked PCs are gone, nowhere to be found in distribution center. IT functions in warehouses…

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Last Mile Delivery

As Published in Quality Digest. To read the full article online, click here. Last Mile Delivery in the Supply Chain  Flawless order fulfillment from a distribution center or warehouse to the customer’s door is the neglected leg of the supply chain. Ironically, without careful attention to the last mile, e-commerce customers are disappointed with the…

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A&D India Features 3PL Using WarehouseOS®

As Published in A&D India. To read the full article online, click here.  Achieving perfection in logistics  Passion, purpose and requirement are the three essential ingredients of any third party logistics, also referred to as 3PL that ensures an accurate fulfillment of maximum orders each day, their delivery-on-time and infusing transparency throughout the process. Enlinx…

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By: In: WarehouseOS On: Jun 01, 2017

Key Performance Indicators for Thin Margin Warehouses

How many of your orders are mis-packed, mis-shipped, or even unavailable to ship? This can cause a loss of revenue and vital data. Warehouse operations do not control sales, but they do control distribution, which is where maximum profit can be captured (or lost). Warehouse businesses always operate on thin margins, so fine-tuning operational efficiency…

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By: In: WarehouseOS On: May 23, 2017

Increased Accuracy and Fulfillment Rates Reduces Training Time and Speed of Products to Customers

Read the article in Manufacturing Tomorrow on how WarehouseOS® was integrated in an advanced 3PL environment. May 16, 2017, Excerpted from Manufacturing Tomorrow “Measuring the number of perfect picks, volume of picks, savings by replacing traditional RF guns are data points that allow 3PLs (third party logistics) to quantify both a rapid ROI (return on…

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