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Small eCommerce Companies Must Have Perfect Picking

A survey of 300 supply chain and distribution managers across the United States found distribution centers are losing an average of nearly $585,000 per year due to mis-picks. The cost of a picking mistake includes the cost of the item and the expenses associated with shipping the item back, processing it upon receipt, returning it…

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Small eCommerce Companies: Dealing with Variable Shipping Costs

Let’s be honest, Amazon is a logistics shipping company. On some level all eCommerce companies, big or small, are logistics shipping companies. Companies find themselves in a balancing act between profitability and satisfying customers, when deciding which shipping carrier to use and shipping costs. Small eCommerce companies must decide quickly whether to use the postal…

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By: In: eCommerce System On: May 25, 2018

Small eCommerce Companies: Thrive by Avoiding IT Department Thinking

Large companies have the budget and staff for comprehensive IT departments. They even have the need for the personnel and processes. These employees perform an important and necessary function in many Fortune 1000 firms. The same type of IT departments aren’t practical, affordable, or even necessary for small eCommerce companies. In fact, lack of an…

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Small eCommerce Companies: Compete with Personalized Customer Service

With more than half of all sales now occurring online, there continues to be a migration away from merely a price focus and towards a customized and personalized customer experience. This trend will continue to grow over the next three years. An American Express survey revealed that 78 percent of consumers have bailed on an…

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By: In: 3PLeCommerce System On: May 07, 2018

Small eCommerce Companies: Consideration for Selecting 3PLs

Thanks to eCommerce, utilization of third-party logistics (3PL) is growing rapidly, based on data released by supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates. These data, reported Armstrong, are an extension of its annual 3PL market analysis, based on Armstrong’s developing of global logistics cost and 3PL revenue estimates that include annual projections through fiscal year 2022….

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Small eCommerce Companies: How You Can Compete with Amazon

It is widely known that Amazon continues to grow and appeal to younger customers. Starting with shipping speed, Amazon is the leading distribution company. The company owns more than 50 percent of the eCommerce space predominantly through their ability to make shipping faster and more cost-effective. A Wall Street Journal article, “Amazon’s Free Shipping Pushes…

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Considerations of Second eCommerce Warehouse

After just one year of extraordinary growth, eCommerce companies’ executives are thrilled to be out of the garage and into a legitimate warehouse operation. There is no time for self-congratulatory applause, because the need to keep up with same-day/next-day consumer demand is requiring either the delegation of fulfillment to a 3PL or opening a second…

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Instagram and eCommerce for a Material Handling World

Neil Patel is a New York Times bestselling author and The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web. Recently, Patel shared that social network giant Instagram had announced that they had grown to 500 million monthly active users. Out of these, 300 million users log onto the platform every day and…

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Customized Conveyor Solutions Needed for eCommerce System Integrations

Every manufacturer is unique and presents its own set of challenges. Fast-growing eCommerce manufacturers are often reacting to the SKU proliferation and living a 24/7 “Instagram reality”. These clever new entrepreneurs need help integrating conveyor equipment into their automation material handling systems to increase production and productivity. One conveyor solution is not going to work…

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