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Garage to Warehouse

By: In: Floor LoadingGarage to WarehouseWarehouse Space On: Jan 22, 2018

Is My Warehouse Maxed Out? Low Cost Ways to Maximize Warehouse Space

Never confuse sales growth as a definitive sign that a fast-growing e-commerce company is running out of warehouse space.  It might be a sign of growth, but it may be indicative of storage mismanagement. Before renting another warehouse or planning a larger warehouse location, it is wise to engage warehouse planning experts to determine the…

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By: In: Garage to WarehouseWarehouseOS On: Jan 19, 2018

Floor Loading Calculations Make Better Racking Decisions

Every warehouse floor has a limitation of maximum pounds per square foot. Sadly, too often that maximum floor loading is exceeded causing warehouse floors to crumble. It is an expensive repair proposition. A floor loading assessment is the evaluation of the concrete subfloor, not the raised floor. The weight of the raised floor, however, is…

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Hoj Engineering and Sales Inc.

As Published in Wholesale Distribution International. To read the full article, click here. Hoj Engineering and Sales Inc. For many businesses, processing and shipping a high volume of small customer orders can prove challenging. “The trend in the industry is toward larger volumes but in lower quantities – even to the point where you’re picking one…

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Last Mile Delivery

As Published in Quality Digest. To read the full article online, click here. Last Mile Delivery in the Supply Chain  Flawless order fulfillment from a distribution center or warehouse to the customer’s door is the neglected leg of the supply chain. Ironically, without careful attention to the last mile, e-commerce customers are disappointed with the…

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Small E-Commerce Companies Learning to Cope with Supply Chain Complexity

Supply Chain Brain has noted that the consumer products industry has undergone radical change over the past several years, rendering older methods for matching supply to demand ineffective. Consider some of the upheavals facing consumer products manufacturers today. Shoppers have many ways to access, research, and purchase products. They can visit traditional brick-and-mortar stores, club…

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Sparkle In Pink Partner With HOJ Innovations and WarehouseOS to Better Their Distribution Space

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, April 25, 2017 – Sparkle In Pink is enjoying the benefits of having a new consolidated distribution center located in Draper, Utah. After partnering with HOJ Engineering and Sales to design and install all the material handling equipment for their new distribution center including the integration of WarehouseOS , “WOSTM”, an…

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