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By: In: 3PLOrder Fulfillment Solutions On: Jan 18, 2019

3PLs Reflect: What Did and Did Not Work during the Holiday Season

3PLs (Third Party Logistics) are setting up meetings right now with experts in dynamic warehousing and distribution environments. Some processes were very successful during the 2018 holiday season, some were not. Companies across many industries leverage our value-added contract distribution solutions to control costs and improve efficiency: more 3PLs are turning to the experts at…

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3PLs: The Doctors of Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

When considering two different medical procedures, patients ask a physician to identify the pros and cons of each option. 3PLs (Third Party Logistics) are expert “doctors” in warehouse and fulfillment services. 3PLs are living the pros and cons of fulfillment services every day for online and omnichannel customers. 3PL executives are specialists, and experts who…

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By: In: 3PLeCommerce System On: May 07, 2018

Small eCommerce Companies: Consideration for Selecting 3PLs

Thanks to eCommerce, utilization of third-party logistics (3PL) is growing rapidly, based on data released by supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates. These data, reported Armstrong, are an extension of its annual 3PL market analysis, based on Armstrong’s developing of global logistics cost and 3PL revenue estimates that include annual projections through fiscal year 2022….

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Hoj Engineering and Sales Inc.

As Published in Wholesale Distribution International. To read the full article, click here. Hoj Engineering and Sales Inc. For many businesses, processing and shipping a high volume of small customer orders can prove challenging. “The trend in the industry is toward larger volumes but in lower quantities – even to the point where you’re picking one…

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Last Mile Delivery

As Published in Quality Digest. To read the full article online, click here. Last Mile Delivery in the Supply Chain  Flawless order fulfillment from a distribution center or warehouse to the customer’s door is the neglected leg of the supply chain. Ironically, without careful attention to the last mile, e-commerce customers are disappointed with the…

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A&D India Features 3PL Using WarehouseOS®

As Published in A&D India. To read the full article online, click here.  Achieving perfection in logistics  Passion, purpose and requirement are the three essential ingredients of any third party logistics, also referred to as 3PL that ensures an accurate fulfillment of maximum orders each day, their delivery-on-time and infusing transparency throughout the process. Enlinx…

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