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Small eCommerce Companies Must Have Perfect Picking

A survey of 300 supply chain and distribution managers across the United States found distribution centers are losing an average of nearly $585,000 per year due to mis-picks. The cost of a picking mistake includes the cost of the item and the expenses associated with shipping the item back, processing it upon receipt, returning it…

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By: In: eCommerce SystemWarehouseOS On: May 04, 2018

Small eCommerce Companies: How You Can Compete with Amazon

It is widely known that Amazon continues to grow and appeal to younger customers. Starting with shipping speed, Amazon is the leading distribution company. The company owns more than 50 percent of the eCommerce space predominantly through their ability to make shipping faster and more cost-effective. A Wall Street Journal article, “Amazon’s Free Shipping Pushes…

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By: In: Order Fulfillment SolutionsWarehouseOS On: Apr 02, 2018

WMS vs. WCS or… WOS®

For the past decade there is some confusion when to apply a WMS (warehouse management system) software solution, versus a WCS (warehouse control system) which directs real-time data management and interface responsibilities of the material handling system, as well as provides common user interface screens for monitoring, control, and diagnostics. There is a place for…

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WarehouseOS® Managing Inventory App – Knowing Where Your Inventory is at All Times

Efficient warehouse operations require the ability to know the whereabouts of inventory at all times. Adjustments to inventory demands within a warehouse requires that warehouse labor has an easy way to move product from one place to another. Rapid SKU variability in the fast-changing eCommerce enterprise requires companies keep track of inventory quantities while they…

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Faster Delivery a Requirement for Small, Fast-Growing eCommerce Companies

Everyone knows the moral of the tortoise and the hare fable: slow and steady wins the race. That was in the past, however, and there was no such thing as eCommerce. Now eCommerce companies that deliver online orders fastest (while maintaining accuracy) win.

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By: In: Garage to WarehouseNewsWarehouse SpaceWarehouseOS On: Feb 26, 2018

My First Warehouse: eCommerce Companies Open First Warehouse in Record Numbers

Amazon.com owns nearly half of the eCommerce market share in the United States.  There is no doubt this giant enterprise has done much to set the expectations of the consumer, particularly on how quickly product should arrive at their doorstep.

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Understanding What Goes Into An Efficient Fulfillment Operation

Busting at the seams, unable to keep track of inventory, and massive SKU proliferation are obvious signs that an automated warehouse solution must be implemented. That said, most e-commerce entrepreneurs have no idea how to distinguish a WMS (warehouse management systems) from a WCS (warehouse control system) from a WES (warehouse execution system). Even some large…

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By: In: NewsOrder Fulfillment SolutionsWarehouseOS On: Feb 12, 2018

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Tech Stack: Ditch the RF Guns

The modern DC or warehouse tech stack is changing. RF guns are being time studied against newer tablet-based systems and losing badly (half as fast and 2x more costly). Smaller warehouses that use paper are jumping straight to tablet, or upgrading from RF guns. And while paper can’t be called part of anyone’s tech stack,…

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How HOJ Engineering Helped Another Outdoor Industry Leader -Big Agnes- Design and Open a New Distribution Center

Based in the Colorado Rockies (Steamboat Springs, CO), Big Agnes creates innovative tents, sleeping pads, bags, camping accessories, and apparel for outdoor adventures in specialty backpacking stores, with an end goal of helping people get outside and have fun. Known as the Mother of Comfort, Big Agnes likes to sleep in the dirt and is…

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When You Have a Warehouse Labor Shortage: Don’t Hire

Instead of adding more warehouse labor, what if you could increase picking efficiency by 100 percent, reduce errors, speed up returns, and reduce training times to fifteen minutes or less? Until you’ve achieved operational efficiency, more labor is not the answer. Less labor is the solution by using tools that allow existing warehouse labor to…

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