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Ortho Development is dedicated to making premium products and delivering superior service and value. As an orthopedic device design and manufacturing company focused on hip and knee joint reconstruction, spine treatment, and trauma products they understand the importance of insuring their customers receive the correct items each and every time. Ortho Development was founded in 1994 and is a privately-held company which distributes its products through a network of independent sales reps and distributors, including Japan MDM, one of the largest distributors of orthopedic and trauma devices in Japan, with 125 direct sales reps, 10 branch offices, and product distribution to over 3,000 hospitals throughout Japan. To insure doctors and medical professionals receive the correct orthopedic device with complete lot traceability, Ortho will be utilizing the power of the Warehouse Mobile Solutions APPS to receive, store and pick these devices from their highly efficient distribution center. The use of these APPS will enable them to pick each orthopedic device and record the lot number through barcode technology. The APPS will be further utilized to “Verify” each item and its associated lot number prior to shipment.